when russell crowe put his pin on gavroche i cried

wow my blog title is really big

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Anonymous asked: Do you have any idea why the Warblerland homepage is called "Alfalfa Academy"?

I think it’s because of something that was mentioned in the latest chapter:

The Twins suddenly crowed out in delight, making the others look up. They were near the end of the hall, at a velvet rope, and were jumping up and down in excitement, pointing to a portrait. “Look! Look! Look! Look!”

"God, they’re like muppets," Charlie muttered, stalking towards them. "What is it?"

It’s great great grandpa Alfalfa!

"Your grandfather’s name is Alfalfa?" Kurt stared.

"No, that’s just what they called him because he liked to eat alfalfa," Evan replied cheerfully, pointing happily at a blond man whose portrait hung heavily against the far wall.

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