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In Which I Fix Dani’s Drabble | A Jogan Drabble

Dani wrote a super depressing drabble yesterday, so I’m fixing it with this future!drabble.  Yes.

Julian opens the door to see his boyfriend sitting alone on their bed, face buried in his hands. The top of his dark-grey sweatpants are visible over the swell of blue sheets surrounding his hips.

Julian closes the door hesitantly, frowning a bit as he tugs off his tie and lets it fall to the floor, preoccupied with the way Logan’s frame is still.


Logan shakes, but says nothing.

Julian walks forward and removes his jacket, shrugging it onto the back of a nearby chair. “You okay?”

Logan leaves one hand covering most of his face; the other reaches out in a loose gesture, indicating that Julian should come sit beside him.

Julian approaches, climbing onto the bed softly as he scoots next to his boyfriend. As soon as he’s able, Logan latches on to him, pressing up against his side as he buries his face in his shoulder. Julian blinks as Logan trembles once more, bringing his arms up to hug him closer.

"Hey. What’s wrong?"

Logan just shakes his head, darting in to press a quick kiss against Julian’s neck.

"Baby, what’s wrong?" Logan shakes his head again. "Tell me."

"It’s just…bad dream. I’m overreacting."

"Hey. That’s not what you told me when I had nightmares after Hell Night."

Logan stays quiet, leaning in to place another soft kiss to his neck.

"Tell me about it."

"I – it’s stupid."

"I want to know." Logan doesn’t say anything. "Was it about me?" A pause. "It was, wasn’t it. Logan, what happened? What did I do?"

"You left me."

Julian is quiet for a moment. Then he leans forward to plant a soft kiss in Logan’s damp hair. “I’m not leaving you.” Logan makes a little noise. Julian can’t tell if it’s a scoff or not, but he’s not going to take any chances. “Logan. I’d never leave you.”

"Really." It’s not sarcastic, but it’s not a question either. The brunet ducks in to kiss Logan’s hair again. "Really."

"Then marry me."

Julian blinks. The words don’t really register in his mind. “W-what?”

Logan breaks away, leaving Julian to blink down at the sudden emptiness in his arms before lifting his gaze to see his boyfriend rummaging around in the bedside cabinet. He turns and straightens, holding out a little black box. Julian’s a bit too amazed to do anything but stare, so Logan places the box in his hand gently, clasping it between his two own before pulling away reluctantly. “Open it,” he whispers. He’s scared.

Julian opens the box – his fingers are shaking – to see a beautiful ring blinking up at him. “Oh my God.”

The box tumbles to the sheets, the ring clutching to its fabric in an effort not to fall away as Julian buries his face in his hands, shaking.

"Jules – "

Julian throws himself forward, hands clasping behind Logan’s neck as he presses their bodies almost closer than is humanly possible, their mouths reuniting in a sweltering kiss executed so violently Logan almost loses his balance and falls to his back on the bed.

Julian pulls away quickly, grabbing the box to slide the ring on his finger before promptly tossing the meaningless container to the ground. He swings one leg over Logan’s body to straddle his hips, hands coming up to cup his boyfriend’s face as he kisses him deeply. He removes himself to pull off his own shirt, hands traveling down quickly to the waistline of Logan’s sweatpants and pulling at them insistently.

As it turns out, good things can come from bad dreams.


Logan holds Julian close, face buried in his hair as he breathes in the scent of coffee and cinnamon. Julian smiles, tugging away a little. Logan’s arms tighten around him.

"Logan, I have to get you some water. Your nightmares could give you a headache, and it would be cool if you didn’t choke, ‘cuz I kind of like you."

"Mm. No. Stay with me."

Julian rolls his eyes fondly, reaching out to stroke through Logan’s hair. “You’re ridiculous.” Logan shivers. He loves it when Julian touches him like this.

After a moment, the blond presses his lips to Julian’s throat. When he speaks, his voice is soft. “That was the best sex I’ve ever had. You’re amazing, you know that?”

Julian smiles. “Yeah, well.” Logan leans forward to drape the covers over their bare skin. “You kind of make me happier than anyone else ever could.” The hand with the ring goes out to brush over Logan’s skin, and the blond catches it and holds it against his cheek, leaning into it with a sigh. “No big deal.” There’s a long pause, and then he smiles softly, long eyelashes fluttering down to stare at the sheets beneath them as their hearts beat in synchronization.

"And just so you know…you’re amazing to me too."

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